One, two, three and the place to be
You got the almighty Talib Kweli, BK emcee
It's the international rockin' with Madlib
We got the Strong Arm Steady gang and the place to be
We got Chace Infinite, Self Scientific and the place to be, word

Blacksmith is running through your function
No need for interruptions or discussions, no
Welcome to a Madlib production
We listenin; but y'all really sayin' nothin, ' no

I try to say the most just to say the least
I try to stay the coast while I slay the beast
I'm bout to say my piece, you listenin' to Rita's voice
Speakin' is the people's choice, Blacksmith is
The return of the black fist, that's quiet
That's it, it's the black star shout out to black
Bonte give me a call the next time you watch the VMA's
I'll be right there with the whole rock steady gang
Or making a fucking logistical nightmare
My nigga's is right here at the speed of light yea
Soon as I send the signal out after the night air
The sound that we makin' got them quakin' in they Nik' airs
We don't fight fair I'll make your shit crash
Quit yellin' whiplash you bitch ass (nigga)
Mad cause I'm faster and I hit the gas quicker
My squad cut like a glass of liquor, pass that

No matter the cost, we back at it, gat at your boss
Shoot to kill, splatter with force
Air force bubblin' blitz this shit
Fire like two sticks rubbing like this
No tricks nothing is fake I'mma ride
What you want thin ice where you skate? When them niggas hate
I'mma say beat break shake it off
Focus on what's important, but take a loss
Force the hand this is Strong Arm feeding you
We're beating you, cut a nigga short like an interlude
Bars anonymous, I promise you this
One line will make you famous like Travis and shit
It's the S.A.S, you are now rocking with the best
All them other rappers lied to you (nigga)
Yes, yes, it's still west, west
With my east coast, polly, Kweli, you got a problem with me

Steady Gang running the game, it won't change
Back to the days with Jordan's and gold chains
Fistful of dollars fucking future top models
Through the knowledge but we still poppin' bottles
Pushing like full throttle on the Interstate trunk full
Of product just to make a nigga's dinner plate
Gotta get this money for my daughter's sake, and I
Smoke a lot of weed and plus a nigga gotta say (what)
Fresher than a motherfuckin' mannequin, you get
The point like we was playing pickle with a couple javelins
Gimme a reason to stop speaking and
Start niggas bleedin' in the mid Los Angeles region
We the niggas that believe in lacerations and lesions
Niggas wanna dick and get it this evenin'
Earn a song James Lionel grain greedy geniuses
Y'all niggas is mysteries nothin' but phantom menaces
And we the niggas y'all love to hate
But see the homies from the east just raise the stakes
And we gonna get it in a major way
Blacksmith is the label strong arm is the game

Shawshank charmaleon six pack benatall
Weeping in the bank watching Robin Hood withdraw
Young orangutan gettin' niggas knocked off
You hall ass and get a trip to see Lou Rawls
I pour Henny from jewelry in my jacket like linen
You don't think I got the hustle in me
Roll with the real resis' you retarded
And winky is not the shit he just farted
One trip you motionless you understand the kid got close
And we can get rich, the rice stay broke
King Tut chrome in the cut like macuricone
Take off your head like the N.O. Superdome
The blacker the better, the greener the cheddar
We the new Dream Team smoking more green (nigga)
Jihad jinkins liberating like Abe Lincoln
Dizzling dumbing out minkin

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