Yeah, hey, yeh
And who are you to be talkin 'bout, what I be doin man?
I'm the upper echelon, who is you to evaluate my performance?
How would you like it if I came to your job
And evaluated your performance? {*laughter*}
Are you the best at what you do?
Your name don't even come up in conversation man

Better get it while the gettin is good, and do what you do
No hesitation, ain't no time for playin games
Go 'head and take all you can, and grab with both hands
Do it big or they won't even know your name
While the gettin is good, you do what you do
No hesitation ain't no time for playin games
Go 'head and take all you can, and grab with both hands
Do it big or they won't even know your name

Yo, aiyyo
What are you doin wit'cha life? Your time on Earth is sacred
The time you spend at your plantation is it worth the paper?
It's like you workin for nathan, the money's circulatin
You can't pay your mortgage but you buyin bottles perpetratin
Chill with them threatening raps
You sound lame, you a snake, you made the plane with your venomous acts
They call me Gentleman Sav
Cause I back Miss Congeniality like Benjamin Bratt
Attractin chicks who like the "Feminine Fatt"
While you only deal with the bitches, I deal with the realest women
It's ill how they feel the rhythm in they mid-section
When they blessed with the child-bearin hips
But the softest pair of lips is when they hair get flipped
I love my culture and heritage, it keep me from being derelict
Invested in myself like this was Merrill Lynch
Been waitin for my second comin like I'm heavensent
Even though I'm not your savior I'll grace you with my benevolence

Yo, yo, yo
My style is unfadeable and haterproof I'll slay the booth
I'm known to interrupt the program like late breakin news
Some say its only eggheads that I cater to
Well wait a few in order to make an omelette I gotta break a few
My plate is full, I wasn't 'sposed to be here but I made it through
My reputation grew, I left.. blood on the stage for you
How dare you say that my commitment is debatable
I'm married to the music; you rhythm then I'm a slave to you
Commercial artists so relatable
The consumer appetite is insatiable, I could do what they could do easily
But then they'd say Kweli be seemin fake to you
Record sales ain't makin you, money is motivatin you
The artist gotta lead I hope the fan base stay with you
The products shoddy if you rush it for the paper true
D'Angelo and Sade they, take a decade or two
Keep that good music comin and they'll wait for you

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