Momma, do u feel the pain as i'm travelin'
Thru the fields of your soul
Momma, please take my hand,
Help me 2 understand
Cuz, i'm afraid 2 face this life alone

People, faces everywhere
Everytime i turn i see another stop& stare
2 much, 2 soon, take a picture
Of the modern world
Televisionaries, hari-kari, quite contrary
U'd think the trials of life were scary
4 a boy growin' 2 a man,
Now watch my flag unfurl, good god,

The mirror on the wall shows a frightened man
The lessons i've learned could not explain
The meaning of love now sees thru puzzled eyes
No 1 could define the joy & the pain, i'm born again

I'd die 4 your love if u'd take me in
True life begins, as i embrace another miracle
I live 4 your love, til the day we die with no tears 2 cry,
I'll guide u thru fear & desire, oh

All i know, in the shadows of where i've been
All i know, no more cares if i lose or win now i know,
As i watch my children grow now i know,
I'm fulfilling my mother's soul all i know,
While the world is spinnin' around all i know,
& the hands of time r tickin' down now i know,
I look back 2 my days of youth
Now i know, i'm much older now, but i'm not yet thru

I'm still searchin' the keys of my life
The war's far from over inside

I died in your arms as your tears recite
Our pictured life, did i fulfill my prediction
Was it all i yearned 2 know, so long ago
If i had the chance 2 do it all again,
I wouldn't change a thing

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