Take all the pain u've turned 2 sorrow
No need 2 b afraid or ashamed
They say there's nothing ventured,
Nothing gained
So don't u turn your back again

Pre 1:

& if creation as we know it
Would just crumble from our reach

All u could say is i shoulda, woulda
But by then it's 2 late


All that really matters
Is a truce will come in time
Visions torn & shattered will come
Back in a sign
All that really matters
When life is all but tears
Now take a look around u the answer
Will come in time

Honor is something gained,
Not granted
It all begins with thou & u
It's not all behind a secret meaning
U'll get your deserves that r due
Now given the chances
Life's bestowed u
Given the seasons washed away

Pre 2:

Now don't u let me down
Cuz i won't allow
The words u love 2 say

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