Babe, if u got the time
I'd like 2 reward u
With this gift of endowment
& babe, put aside your pride
Yo' body's what i'm about
& i can't wait 2 taste it

Mama, don't act so shy
Cuz, i've heard your confessions
Thru candles & wine
Now, mama, at this point & time
It ain't yo' mind i'm thinkin' of
When your sweet ass is smiling

Comin, i'm comin'
I need it, like never b 4, want your,


Body, i need your, body
Just as the night turns 2 mornin',
I know i must feed on yo'
Body, now colour my, body
Give me your version of heaven,
I now surrender 2 u

Babe, don't waste my time
Now, u've worked up the tower,
Now u must work your way down
Now, babe, if i had a dime
4 all the ways i wanna do ya,
I'd b the wealthiest man around

Comin', i'm comin', i'm screamin'
Cryin', i'm cryin', i need it,
Like never b 4, want yo'


I'm grindin' more ways than 1,
I'm playin' down by the river
I'll drown if u come 2 fast
Is this the right way it's done?,
I'm playin' down by the river
Now scream if u want me
2 make it last, want yo'


This groovy direction deserves
What u do, need yo'
C'mon everybody, grab a body

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