He 1st appeared b4 me
in the form of a dream
he was an eminent man
graced with charm & dignity
he said 'live life the best u can'

as i rose up in my bed i realized this wasn't just a dream
cuz the picture on the wall was a face i knew, but never met b4

although we will never meet, eye 2 eye
now i know his spirit will guide me with a father's hand
& he's watching over me in the sky above

cuz, heaven, heaven's got another hero
as i've heard the angels sing
heaven, heaven's got another hero
& he's left me this offering of love

he shared philosophies like they were tales from days of old
thru his inspiration i learned a better way of life than i would
know alone
one thing we have in common is our humble beginnings
we took ambition & rose above it all without 4getting where we
came from

& on the day he died time was standing still
4 his soul was born again
& now his name will carry on
& if u close your eyes
u can still hear his smile
u can still hear his smile

now that you're gone
i'm all alone
2 make it on my own
thru space & time
we'll reunite
i'll see u i'll see u on the other side


now in my children's eyes
i can hear u smile
& the world u've left behind still shines 4 us all 2 see
that's what makes me believe

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