Hey baby i got something i want ya to know
Well, my luck is changing
And everything thats yours will soon be mine
Mmm... yes it will
So now you're learning and now i won't be the one
That's left behind (and that's the truth)
Cause i will lock your door
And throw away the key,

C'mon baby, well, i'll set your house on fire
Now i'm taking over
And you won't see me, before it's too late
You had your chances

But now my time has come and i just can't wait
Now check this out i'm gonna make it happen
Cause i'm that kind of man, if you can stop me, here i am
You must be crazy, now if you think that you can hold me down


You can't talk to me, cause thats how its gonna be
Well, i'll set your, set your, house on fire

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