Same old story, but in my own words
It's just pain and misery
Cause that's all i am, just another man
Begging for sympathy
Sometimes i say to myself
That i'm dreaming, that nobody cares any more
But now i've got to believe that someday soon
I'll find someone worth waiting for
If you would only, be my friend,
I would love you till the end
And thru good times and bad times too,
I'll stand by you, till the end

I once knew love but it's in her past
Why do good things never last
It's so hard to find the loss
I feel inside, god only knows i've tried

But now i've got to move on
There's no turning back,
Can't live on memories
So here i am getting down on my knees
Somebody save me please


Just like an angel who's fallen out of grace
God don't seem to hear me calling
Sometimes i feel like i'm the only one here,
Is there anybody out there? yeah!

Here i am another lonely man,
Begging for sympathy
One day i know i'll find someone,
Someone who believes in me

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