Stuck on yourself, gacked out your mind
Now who do u think u are?
Cuz if u could see u would probably still be blind
U stab in the back & laugh at the face of inflicted misery
Well i've news 4 u i won't be the fool in your game
The root of your evil began as a child
Your strength lies in numbers of friends
But where will they be when your antics are dubbed out of style

It's easy 2 hide all the pain in your mask
It's plain 2 see u don't know who u are
The only excuse is u don't believe in yourself

Where will u be in the end ( i don't know )
When there's no one left 2 offend ( where 2 go )
The ways of your world can' t pretend ( now i know )
Cuz your days are about 2 end
Shit talkin fool with no ambition with dreams turned 2 black &
There's not much 2 leave behind, u got no real inspiration
The racism, hatred u're quick 2 exclaim they leave u 2 look like
The clown
& this circus that u call life is leaving 2day

U've got no real deserves u've got no real respect
& guess who is laughing now
There's nothing left but remorse in the form regret

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