I took u in
When u were young & needed someone
So innocent,
I fell 4 u from day one

U came in2 my life
With no signs or warnings
My curious child
U go crazy when i'm gone

Rambunctious, yet so beautiful
How could u be so wild
Adventurous, yet oh so cool
Still u can make me smile
Sometimes i could just throw u 2 the wolves
Sometimes i just need your style

I can see u....i can feel u
Please tell me that you're never gonna go
Cuz i need u 2 stay


I call your name
& u usually come-a runnin'
But from time 2 time
U turn the other way
U shed a tear each time u induce my rage
The guilt surrenders my pride
U fill me with laughter
Yet u make me scream
This aint no average ordinary ride
U can rip & tear at the seams
I think i know what it means
U can't stand being left alone
I'll do the best i can
2 be your biggest fan
I won't just give the dog a bone
You'll always be a little girl
& as your tale unfurls
The song will still remain the same
Madison, i'll say again
I'll make u my best friend
Don't ever go away

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