Feelin down feelin empty
Like u don't have a friend
The world & their brothers are bangin' down your door
Nothin soothes nothin satisfies
U might as well be alone
Try though u may 2 run
U still end up on the floor
In your search 4 mere happiness
U can't dwell on what's gone is past

Don't let 'em get u down
Don't let 'em spin u 'round
In the pavilion of oblivion

Like a bird with a broken wing
Feel you're fallin again
Needing more than a saviour
2 rescue your soul
Thru the rearview mirror
Objects are closer than they seem
But the road ahead can be endless
When you're all alone
As you're runnin'
Don't stop 2 cry
Don't feed on
Their severed lies

Don't apologize 4 your alibis
In the pavilion of oblivion

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