Et me start with what a fool I've been
I've been missing since I don't know when
Naive 2 think u'd still b there anytime & anywhere I turned away

You gave me all your golden years
In return I left unknowing tears
Now the tables turning ‘round my way cuz a part of me has died since u been gone

Do u believe it's best we live r lives without each other?
Do u believe we can go on r separate ways?
If u do, I will shed a tear goodbye

I dream 2 get back yesterday
When everything would simply go r way
We never had 2 look between all the lines could turn the night 2 day

It's 2 late for restitution
2 Late 4 sorry now
And if u go 4 good
I've lost it all, this I can't allow

So I'm asking for another try
I will lay out all the reasons y
Won't you pick me up I'm flat on the floor? I will never let u down another day

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