Baby I'm not complainin' but I think I must attest
U just aint the devil I used 2 know, slippin out that tight blue
Now I know I aint no little boy but I still got lots of juice
I'm still down with your lip smackin ways & little wild abuse

I'd rather die than be without u
No real surprise, what I wouldn't do
Turn out the lights it's time again
I'm digging your reaction, skin on skin

I'm a monkey on your see saw, like a doggy on a swing
Girl I don't know what I'm saying cuz it just don't mean a


Not much on flowers & kisses
I'm more 4 unadulterated
U know how 2 fill my wishes
We're now just starting, baby


Tell me, are u feeling lucky, now I'm feeling kinda spent
My libido's sayin what the hell, can we do it all again?


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