Vivid images i've had of u
If your imagination only knew
The passion i had in mind,
Words can't explain

Thru the night in2 the waking hours
I feel your silhouette,
I touch your flower
Nothing can take the place,
The place of u
I been lookin' 4 the means 2 carry on


So long,
I can still remember nights 2gether
So long, now i can't get over
So long, i recall the vows we sang
2gether 4 so long

The rythym of your breath beats
On my skin
Anticipation starts 2 settle in
This night ain't gonna last 4ever
But i'm gonna make u wish it did,
Now baby,
Cuz 2morrow u'll b gone


Call it what u will but i must disagree
Everything we built
From a mere fantasy
But the moral 2 this tale is far
From learning

All the promises were just words
In the night
& i made u my religion,
But i missed the light
But the answers still lie
In the wake of 2morrow
Until then i know,
U know it's been so long

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