...once upon a time in a land
Of perfect love
1 soul not 4tunate enough
2 live it how she dreamed
Ups & downs like every 1 else,
But this story's kinda special
It just happens 2 b about some 1
I know

She sits & stares
The memories roll by in slow motion
A sign of the times
Reality's as blue as the ocean

Life's dealt her a losin' hand
But love will come in time


From 1 soul 2 soul
Don't run away
Cause a change is comin'
From 1 soul 2 soul
Don't turn away
Cause a change is comin'
She comes undone
When the cynicals around her
Simply turn their heads
She prays 4 the day
She'll get 2 live her dreams
& fantasies that lie ahead

Y no 1 will understand
A bleedin' heart cryin'


Like any 1 else,
She knows what she wants
Only higher power can save her
From a fall

Chorus x2

...here's where the story ends
Well at least all we know thus far

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