Could u ever believe the words
Of honor again
Like a dissarayed poet
Who's lost his yen
Could u ever believe love
& war hand & hand
2 the core, life of riley,
Now wouldn't that b grand


I don't know, where i'm turning
I got it all my way yet i'm all alone
I'm all alone, the more that i try, now
The further i'm running

Could u ever feel emotion
4 some 1 again
Seems your obscuring views r
The same as your friends
Could u ever think
Another would take it your way
Funny how the tables turn
When ties go astray



I'm a former lovechild lookin'
4 sympathy
I'm a master in the art
Of passion calamity

Could u ever believe in a perfect desire
Satisfaction begins
When the power is mine
Could u ever decide
That u've had enough
Cuz someday, someway,
Somehow i'll finally call your bluff

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