U talk about palestine & i talk about jim hall
I don't know nothin' about your middle eastern war
U talk 'bout lipstick, baby, i talk about safe sex
U still don't know nothin' 'bout how i get my kicks

But there are ways 2 get thru life
& there are hundreds of answers
U won't get thru by chances
System of power

I don't think 'bout goin' places where i've never been
Inside my soul 2 reach a conscience extreme
U think 'bout how 2 get that heavily revenge
U got some thirst inside, babe, that u need 2 quench

System of control, system of power, system of love


I still believe that a man should have some kind of control
On how she treats her neighbor, fellow or her soul
It takes a long, long time 2 get 2 that insight
Until that that day has come, babe, please don' t try 2 fight it

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