You were young and so naïve,
Was a murder in the 1st degree
I couldn't help the beating of my heart
It was something that was made in heaven
Something i couldn't resist, yeah
And nothing could ever pull our world apart,
But you cried in the rain, and played the fool, yeah
And i'm still runnin to you

Time after time, i tell you i'm sorry,
Those are the words i'm saying to you,
Time after time

You were, i was, given one more try
Gave your body, and soul desire,
I did my best to win your love again
But i didn't see it coming, it came up from behind
And left me lying, left me lying for dead
Just when it seemed you were missing,
You're begging to come in.

Time after time, you tell me you're sorry
Those are the words, i'm hearing again
Time after time,
There's no need to worry
Love will return, time after time

No matter what you say, i know you'll be back again,

Time after time, say that you're leaving
Those are the words i'm hearing, hearing again
Time after time i can't stop believing
Time after time love will return

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