Tv reality with magic wand in hand, the planet's at my reach,
Turn off the hustle bustle of the so called real world,
Lifes endless paranoia keep me from reality,
There're a 100 or more good reasons my best friend is my tv,
U call it addiction, 2 me it's a way of life
There's much 2 much confliction, yea(x3)
24-7 my box is flickerin',
B-movies, soaps, such, well, it just don't matter,
Talkshows , god-tv, music videos, u can bet i'll lock in
Hypnotized 'til my bank is full of data,

U say it's affliction, such a tragedy, but you'll never know
'till uxturn on the screen, it demands your attention,
All the information u need (i want it), dilates your dreams,
Fills up with emotion, just leave me alone
While i feed i want my (x2) mtv!

Info-mercials, re-runs, pay tv, technological designs,
X-mas shopping from my easy chair, who needs 2 go outside?

My baby done gone away but she'd never understand,
That's quite allright with me cuz i got my magic wand in hand,
She called it addiction, 2 me it's a way of life,

But you'll never know 'til ux turn on the screen,
It demands your attention, all the information u need (i want

Dilates your dreams, fills u up with emotion,just leave me
Alone while i feed, call it tv reality, if u know what i mean!
Tv (x2), in my tv

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