When i'm feeling all alone
All i gotta do is think about u
& when i'm lost & disillusioned
The mere sound of your voice sees me thru
& when you're so far away
It get's harder everyday
& i hope u feel the same as these few words
'i wanna spend 4ever, 2gether'

If u'll be my mother, my sister, my lady
I will never, ever let u down
I wanna be your father, your brother, your baby
But most of all...i wanna be your man

Baby, there's no rhyme or reason
That can explain how we've moved so fast
All i know is i can't live without u
I feel the test of time this love's gonna pass
& while you're my best friend u'll never hurt again
& all the promises i've made 2 u
Will be honored 4ever, 2gether

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