I guess I'm expected to say "God bless you", But you lef me, me never lef you
And weh me deh right now, me cant even say "F you" but me can say this though:

I hope you can't live without me, can't eat cant sleep cant breathe
Can't get your mind to stop thinking about me, cant eat cant sleep cant breathe
I hope you wind up lonely, can't eat cant sleep cant breathe
Then you woulda wish you coulda still come hold me
Can't eat cant sleep cant breathe

Verse 1
I bet you think I'm supposed to smile, put the best outside
Put on an act to protect my pride
You want me to take it like a man, but I'm a girl who cries
So if I puncture your tires don't be too surprised
And while I'm at it, Hell! I may as well key up your car
Cause what you did to my heart was an act of war
For every step you take I'll be one step behind, won't let you get me out of your mind
(Rept. Chorus)

Verse 2
I should be allowed to be bitter, cause it's only fair… I'm falling apart but you don't care
Why is she so happy? Why do you smile? And why aren't you guys fighting all the while
like we did, I know it must be a charade, God please send me a shower to rain on their parade
I hope she's cheating juggling nuts like a squirrel, better yet I hope she leaves you for a girl,
(Rept. Chorus)

Verse 3
Bout oonu a go get married and you would love me to be there
I woulda tell you some things but them nuh fit fi the air
Usually me woulda say goodbye, and I wish you well
But not to you, I hope your life turns out to be hell
I bet you think I want you to die, but no, I want you to live
And suffer, and cry like I did
I'm just keeping it real, a just so me feel(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 4
She cant cook like me, cant jook like me
She nuh know you in and out like a book like me
She nuh full a style like me, cant make you smile like me
And she can never give you a beautiful child like me
Well she nuh tight like me, nuh fling it up right like me
And if me buck her one-away she cant fight like me
Yuh done know, say a just so it go (Repeat Chorus)

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