Intro: Some bwoy a di opposite a roll-on inno. Every chance dem get dem roll
off. Dem throw mi! (laughs)

Chorus: When some bwoy dun wuk mi haffi draw fi mi finger
Caan tell yu how much the heat still a linger
bwoy gone a sleep lef mi hot like a ginger
(Some bwoy jus don worth a damn)
Well it aggo cause a mix-up mix-up if mi don get mi fix-up fix-up
Mi nah go wait till christmas christmas
Yu haffi deal with this first dis first

Verse 1: Yo, mi no waan no bwoy come crash inna mi deck
Dun fast forward an now waan fi eject
call a tow truck come haul off di wreck
bwoy a tek set, pain inna mi neck
well dis month mi see ya, next month tek a break
tired of di chicken an mi waan piece of steak
an now every day mi waan fi see di same face
some bwoy just fi get replace

Chorus: Cause when some a dem dun wuk wi haffi draw fi finger
cann tell yu how much di heat still a linger
bwoy gone sleep lef mi hot like a ginger
some a dem don worth a damn

Verse 2: Yo, mi nuh give a man my number an name
dem a old dog but dem easy fi tame
one wash mi wash an dem gone down di drain
nuh care what dem a claim don wash di fame
gwaan like dem hot, cool dem off with a fan
cause dem only big when we lend dem a hand
how dem a Don an caan get a stand
give him a bus fare an tell him g'long


Verse 3: Yo, mista disposible gwaan flex your wrist
wi dun play stuckie so go draw fi your fist
20 more man waan come pon mi list
so from a bwoy diss, not even a kiss
jus watch mi back cause mi walk thru di door
wha mi usta tek mi nah go tek it no more
one bag a man a look something fi bore
but mi have bigger tings in store


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