Everybody judges me... I know that I've asked this...
I want more than pleasure, I really wanna grow up!

Around me there's the truth, but I just think on my will!
Life is made by appearances, But watch out!
(Mine can change anytime!)

In the darkest way I will find me
Himitsu no kotae in an abyss I'll find
Sekai wa atashi no mo no desu
Mu imi na jinsei... seimei owari yo!!

Yeah, I'm hard to see
I'm hard to find
But I made up my mind

I gulp my ecstasy
to set my spirit free
I'm the one of a kind!

You say I'm a mo'fucker
But I only get stronger
with your cinism!

(That's why I continue with my) Way out to hypocrisy
I want my liberty!
Make your way, boy!!!

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