Tic after tic, and my faith is running through my
Night after night, and my suffering corroding my
Drop, other drop, medicine don't shows no effects on me
I look at you, I didn't want to die...

Into your eyes I found that strenght whom brings me up
On, on your smile I retrieve the faith lost in battle
But I'm afraid of the destiny reserved to me
You hugged me, and I felt so warm, I felt all your

The wounded skies above cries with me.
I'm leaving the ones that I love...
Please, have mercy on me...

Koko ni, mugen haru no hana o tsumimasu
Atashi wa chichi o miru, soshite sofu
Atatakai tayou deru toki anata no atatakai koto

Ningen wa seishi o rikaishiteimasen;
Human eyes wa tokushitsu o rikaishiteimasen.
Days seems the same, totsuzen ni nan?ka ga okorimasu
Danpen wa atteimashita.

God blessed us with continuous smiles and pains and sorrows
Children at play on our secret garden, melting my
Our family will keep our mark on this world and they
will try to live again the love that we could share with then.

Sayin' farewell is not the best choice of word
Watashi no Kokoro no naka ni kimi wa mada ikiteimasu
Akarui tokoro ni aruite iku
AI wo fueru

Hello! I have faded to black, but I?m back to my
senses! I'm back home!!!
Hello! I drink on the wise fountain, I?m on the top of the mountain! Don' t say goodbye!

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