Eyes, your eyes'r just telling me lies
Your intentions are now on my sight
You just can't cause me pain!

Die, you're trying to spend your days
Dancing with infamous friends
And I was just a barrier...

But wait, before you go deep this way
You need to hear what I'll say
You owe me this time, huh?

Yeah! You kill all of my dreams!
You raised up all my fears!
I'll catch you next time!

Kokoro na kowareta
O-kane na moyareta
Shiawase na yabureta
Ore wa nusumunda!!!

I know, you may ask me why
Hear a loser like me
You could just pass me by

Because I know it is true
Nothing I may say to you
Will change your way to be

But dawn! You owe me more than that
You pushed me to the arms of death
You toss me overboard

You can think I still love you...
There's no more tears about you!!!
Go to hell!

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