dream on a holiday!
A dream that the people
Seems like old fashioned way...

The radio on my dream
Were playin' good music
A solo of a good and old Cream!

No matter who we need to beat!
We'll not stop to move our feet!
We will keep on do our rock'n roll!

Of children on a playground
Running over green fields
Showin' how fun the life could be...

My thoughts had a way to go,
They said to live a life of peace, yeah!
And how could we change the world,
That's why I said to you: let's do the rock and roll!!

You may try to ignore,
You may not believe!
But when your face still frown,
We'll still had a life to live!

The titans of our time
Manipulate the mainstream
Making money with "good deeds"!

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