Yay, yeah
It's goin' digital
Yay yeah, yeah, yeah
It's goin' digital, yeah

See tonight it's goin' digital,
Really though really everybody in the club 'bout to feel me though
I came alone 'cause i'm takin' somethin' back with me, yeah
I left the doors up on the lamborghini
Sothey can see me see me everybody in the club
Know i got fettuccine, i can't leave home
Without a couple stacks on me, yeah
Now i got the gucci on the shoes gucci knapsack
Ice around my neckhow pimpin' is that?
Oh c'mon girl you can stack your platinum bag with me, no

Tonight it's goin' digital,
Digital digital, digital, it's goin' digital
Everybody know me when i walk up in the club
Tonight it's goin' digital, digital
Digital, digital, it's goin' digital
Everybody know me when i walk up
In the club

When the club do's open up i'm po'in upeverybody
In the club know i got the frozen cupi can't leave
Home without lookin' like magic don juan, yeah
Now everybody know what's goin' on,
My pimpin' strong
Listen everybody in the club is singin' my song
I can't leave alone 'cause all these bitches
Know that i'm the one, yeah
Now i got the green on the shoes
Gold cadillac, ice around my neck how pimpin' is that?
Oh c'mon girl let's get it crackin' all night long


[tay dizm]
It's goin' digital, you's don't wanna hear me though
She lookin' at me like she wanna piece of nappy boi
Fallin' on yo' body, hit this and be quiet
'cause everybody in the club know i start the party
Just washed my shoes, the gator's too clea
Don't mess around and make me have to do the right thing aight,
I'm digital and you can come to myspace
Or just call me when you're down to get away


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