Some people like thighs (yea yea)
Some people like backs (yea) (six pack)
Some people like booty (yea) and aint nothing wrong with that
Yea..aint nothing more groovy
Then when that stomach movin yea
It's the reason that im singing this song
Cause i aint got nothing else to bust a nut on
Ooohh..oh....ohhh oooh
Whoa whoaa whoa

Yea! five in the front, five in the
Back, thats the way i like it
My fires ignited, i love it when she ride it
Cause i can see the part of her i love the most
I'm lovin it from coast to coast
Because i like that tank top that cut
Off shirt man i like everything that
Show that belly
Ring (yea)
Them crunches just got me punching the
Wall and the pollaties got that bodie
Lookin good up in
Them boyshort draws but that stomach, yea whoa

Shortie got that six pack,four pack you already know that
Im in love with yo stomach
Six pack four pack u already know that
Im in love with yo stomach
Six pack, four pack you already know
That im in love with yo stomach
Its the reason that im singing this song,
Cause nothing else turns me on
Like a stomach

Ooh i like the way it move when she do only when she dance
Got yo boy thinkin bout gettin in them pants
Feel like i bought some brand new j's
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She make me wanna throw some d's on it (ok)
Cause i like that tank top and im bout
To take it off i should be paying money
Cause ima have her
Walking funny..

[ hook ]
Them crunches just got me punching the wall
And the pollaties got that body lookin
Good up in them boy short draws but
That stomach, whoo
Whoo..whoa whoa
Girl, girl, girl!


Girl..take this i got it
Take this i got it
I gat a bad lil rodie and u already know me
And i'ma addicted to the way that she make her stomach roll
5,6 and she thick and lil momma lovin this dick
And all the sex in the love that we makin it be the shhh
She got me on that sprung and she not on that dumb
One day im seriosuly thinkin of settling
Down with but could it be my mind playin
Tricks on me
She got me excited the way that she move her
Stomach got my mind back in her writin
I never been the freaky type but yo stomach is
Looking right..egirl..girl..ey..ey!


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