Back in 1994
I fell head over heels for the boy next door
I prayed every night and day
That god would turn his head my way
Graduation he moved on
Broke my heart like a country song
Must have cried two rivers long

Oh, but life goes on
And before too long
You figure out you're right where you belong
It's sad and it's sweet
But if you're lucky it keeps going on and on and on

Then came 1999
My heart broke for the second time
Left me cryin' on the steps
Burned me down like a cigarette
Just like that and he was gone
My heart sunk like a ten pound stone
Had no right to do me wrong

(repeat chorus)

My mama always said that they'll be lessons that you learn
You don't need to know 'em all right now
But i'm learnin' as i go
And the more i learn i know
The less i want to know anyhow

I finally found my whole world
Little boy and a little girl
Got me a man with a heart of gold
It all came back a hundred fold
And i watch the gravel kickin' up
As he pulls in the drive in his pick-up truck
I just smile at my good luck

(repeat chorus)

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