He says it's none of my damn bussiness
How much he drinks
And he doesn't have a problem
No matter what the whole town thinks
At his baby's birthday party
There was whiskey on his breath
Everybody wants to save him
But he's not ready yet

You wanna scream, you wanna cry
You want someone to tell you why
All the hope that's in your heart is not enough
You hit your knees, you shake your fists
Oh it's the deepest wound there is
When you can't help the one you love

Her reads the bible
Her father sits and snores
They're with her every minute
Cause they may not have many more
She was dancing in New Orleans only seven weeks ago
Life may go on with out her
but not the life we know

*Repeat chorus*

When someone's slipping away
Right before your eyes
How useless we are
Is a painful surprise

*Repeat chorus*

When you can't help the one you love

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