Dillinger...(ssssss Young Gotti)
Yeah (its been a long time....ya know what i mean)
(throughout the years)
(we've been puttin this muthafuckin shit down)
(ridin to what we call this gangsta shitwhats up)
its alot of niggas that stay down
but its alot of niggas who act like bustas,(bitches) in diguise
(sucka ass)and we know ya'll, ya'll know us
but ya'll don't keep it gansta'd up Daz n'Kurrupt
i don't know about all, what ya'll think
but i know what we know
(and this is how it is so all ya'll niggas)
(betta get ya'lls pistols cuz its goin down right now)
man slap that bitch foe nuthin
(she ain't shit, yous a bitch, day one i know)
(and i shall see throughout the streets we will live and survive)
bitch check this gansta shit out....

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