What a bitch did me hit, deepest sarcasm fills my eyes
what is this goddamn shit, a life only contens of lies
I am falling don't bring me back, I am lord death apprentice
don't let off the loop holding my neck, I'm going down to the darkest abyss

Satan awaits my soul, the earth awaits my blood
I spit on the false, let me spit on that god
that abscess of light who makes my body awake
I refuse the gift of life which gave me soulrape

this fukking god of the hellfukked Christ - CHRIST
this fukking shit of the unholy bible-lies - LIES
this fukking god of the hellfukked moslem - I REFUSE
this fukking shit of the Koran - ROT'EM

War with the liar gods, when they die I will feast
abyss abyss abyss, who cares what flesh is?
Let me out of this game, I wish I am a damn pawn
I wont be gods puppet I am a man of the dawn

[rep. Bridge]
[rep. Chorus]

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