Bios tells me to go up and work
I will obey no matter how it hurts
Streaming data pumping through my veins
Bus overclocked sweat is the pain

Memory exceeded, I am bleeding
But the mainboard doesn´t care about my feelings
Calculating with high multiplicators
Floating point missing, shutdown later

Processing Unit – can´t stand the heat, cooler is to lame
Processing Unit – I overheat and go insane
At five I´m booting, at six my init
Ready is your Processing Unit

Connecting the net, tapping the collective
Unheard questions, the proxy seems deaf
I ping her in Panic, hope she is alive
She will not answer, error on her drive?

Can´t connect, isolated, I´m alone
Throwing exceptions make me dull like stone
I must stop this madness neverseen
Exitcode zero, process killed, bluescreen

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