He follows his gurus he follows the clowns
he left his good wife and his fukking home
he forgives the man who raped both his children
and he is so proud to hunger down to the bone

every Sunday he prays to god
he spends all money for a life after death
he did forget his male body will rot
he only thinks about a paradise to rest

he is the antisinner
no pleasures on earth
he is the antisinner
his day will sure com

he walks over fire and sleeps on cold stones
he never wants to fukk again it is bad
he slaves his body to get a free spirit
and about unbelievers like me he fells so sad

every Monday he waits for enlightenment
more money on Sunday for a life after death
with thoughts about sex he left to sleep
and fears judgement before he can rest

[rep. Chorus]

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