I minister now thy victory
I declare you the anointing is champion
And when i raise my hands to heaven
The angel of the lord will take action
To open the doors that are closed
To destroy the walls of the obstacle
To make you shine in the valley
To get you through this the wind

You've been proven already paid the price
God will change your situation right now
Comes out of this pit daniel
Have you ever been too in the midst of lions
The day dawned for your life
The king is calling out your name
Daniel's time to celebrate
The race was hard but you won

You were persecuted was maligned
Perhaps he wept tears of gall
But while many will pelt
You say: father i want to be faithful
Joseph you are more than a conqueror
In the land of giant god hath raised
Joseph's time to celebrate
The key to victory god has delivered

You have defeated the mighty giant
Now you have to receive the reward
Praise him, glorify, worship and celebrate
Because the lord is giving the blessing
David was god who chose you
To make you shine to make you win
In the anointing of god i will prophesy
Listen to my brother what i'll say