I saw you once
It was enough
You asked me
What I wanted
I want you
But I replied
I'll have some fries
So mesmerized
My heart was over
Driving through

I saw your name
And unashamed
I searched within'
500 miles to find
Any clue just as to
Who I've fallen for
Cause you've got me
And I've got time

I saw your picture
On Myspace
Maybe someday
We can turn it
Into ourspace baby
I don't care
How long it takes
I'm saving space
In my top 8 for you

The second time
You were so nice
I loved the way told me
To enjoy my day
But I know what you meant
To say instead
Was really that you
Wanted us to run away

I said let's go
I'll pack my clothes
Just promise me you'll wear
That purple dress you have
You look so cute
When you're confused
You backed away
And asked me
How I new about that

I know you're scared
I know our love is crazy
And I'm so crazy
You make me crazy
For you

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