Walking through the halls of a desperate place
I see it on the faces
All the mothers all the fathers searching for some faith
Here I am
I’m one of them, my world inside a broken frame
Still waiting for an answer
Every day I’m getting closer

The more it hurts the more I need of you
The more I search the more I see of you
I don’t have to know how
Or see you turn this around
To believe in you, to believe in you

Walking through the streets that money built
Every castle has a hill.
All the dreams, all the chasers.
Cages waiting to be filled
Here I am one of them
Can I be stronger than my will
I'm still waiting for an answer
Every day I'm getting closer

The tears we cry from all the pain
You won’t let them go to waste
An aching heart will know your face

Through every night, through every fear
You're by my side, I know you’re here
And in this life, I'm not alone

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