Friday, came home waved to a neighbor I don't know
He smiled at me and I believed he was doing just fine
His eyes can't lie
There's something tearing him up on the inside
I wonder what it is, I should ask him
But I've got my own life
Will I pass by?
Or am I gonna take the time?

This is what we're here for
To show the world how you love it
This is what we're made for
To lay it all down like you did
When we feel useless, you still use us
Help us not forget
This is what we're here for

We're here to slow down, reach out
And take a better look around
Just a little bit of time can change a life
So I won't walk by and leave up to the next guy
I wanna be what I believe all of the time
I've got my own life, but it's not mine

To give, to love, to be the ones to show that you have overcome the dark
The night, the pain we fight
That you are alive

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