Just another lonely night inside these walls
Hearing the tears that fall and echo through the halls
In that moment, all alone
When my strength is nearly gone
And it feels like it’s the end
I can hear you say again

I am with you
I am with you always
You don’t have to be afraid
I’ll be comfort through the pain
I am with you
I am with you always
Know that I’ll be right beside you
Even on the hardest days
I’m with you always

I have everything I thought I wanted in this life
And from the outside everything is looking fine
But on the inside, crying out
No one hears me make a sound
But you hear me when I pray
Through the silence I hear you say

For every moment of your life
For every smile and tear you cry
Even when your heart will break
When it feels like more than you can take
Through every single sleepless night
And every battle that you fight
From now until the end of time
I am with you

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