Deep down south in the thick boondox, there lived this boy named nik bob cox today was daddys special day for him, he brought home son his first violin now pappy said young boy make me proud you learn a song and play it loud. This country music should come deep with in so sit down boy and let's begin.

Now here's the fiddle and here's the bow? Non shook his head and said pappy no!! what is it boy? are you feeling sick? nik bob said with all respect.

[Chorus] I need more soul with my music. I got to have to have reggae reggae music. I don't need no countryman fiddle. I need a real cool sound.

Now pappy got mad but he did not shout. He said now what's this sound your speaking 'bout? nik bob left, came back with a radio and said now here's something pappy you gotta know. some heavy drums and some heavy bass, and that social message to set that face. and then pappy got up he began to move. he said I feel it son I feel the groove.

[Chorus] 2x

Now pappy liked what sound filled the room but it be better if the bass would boom so go out to the shed, get the hammer nails and wood cause we're gunna make this reggae sound as it should went by as they worked non stop two masterminds in the game wood shop the sound system they built, it ain't no joke so they brought it out to show all the country folks


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