I could feel your fire down on the dance floor darling and I know that I've been needing you around so don't make a sound now girl, cause I feel your flame on me and it feels so good, cause I could feel your warmth

Give a little try now girl try to understand I ain't no fool in love I just want to be your man

Come a little closer now you know you should girl you won't need nothing else I could do you some good

(Chorus) ohh, you catch me a fire girl you catch me a fire girl

And in that fire there's a flame that dances the whole night through I know that flame won't burn out, as long as I'm with you so come on baby, wear this ring, don't you worry about a thing because I want your fire to light up my future

Try a little tenderness take me by the hand you don't have to change just make me a better man

Come on make that fire light shine shine upon my soul you let that love wood burn so now you're in control

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