It's a shame... It's a shame...

Depression swept over the land of no preparation
Searching as much as he can, for pure meditation

Tried to find some work
But there's no work to do
Everything's gone wrong
And everything is through

And now he's the sufferer

Boss man sees something wrong
With no expectation
He cut cost as much as he can
With no investigation
And now the boss was due
For working man no life
He takes away his work
Ruins the working mans life

Makes him the sufferer
He's the sufferer
No time to suffer
Everyone suffers

It's a shame... It's a shame...

Some time will come
And things will be alright
The land will be good again
Man could sleep at night

A little give and take
It's what we all go through
No more sufferers time
For me or you
So please don't you suffer
Right now don't suffer
We all have to suffer
But now don't you suffer


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