Times are getting tough now
And there is only one thing that i need to know
Is it going to make me a better man
Or bring it on, so i can go

And if you plan on leaving
Don't make it so soon
'cuz i'm only gonna make it
Worth your while

'cuz aint want to give up baby
It just ain't my style

Will you try
To realize
The goal is set right where i want it to be

Ain't goin' stop
Till i reach that spot
Someday i'm going to make you see

And if you plan on dreaming
Better move right on
'cuz you just read me wrong
'cuz i ain't going a make believing
Think of what i need to do all day long

So understand what a man says
When he's got something strong
And he isn't gonna let something get in his way
Got a lot to do for tomorrow
But i'm a whole lot further than i was yesterday

[time to get tough now]
I know what you thinking
Because you ain't the first to preach to me about that backup plan
[time to get tough now]
I'm only going to say it once
I don't care of that if you don't understand
[time to get tough now]
'cuz my time is running short
And i'm not afraid beat...(unknown)
[time to get tough now]
I'd rather get my dream on
Than work that back plan
That's just gonna waste my time

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