I had to let go of those cold nights long ago, and now it's time for you to follow suit.

Take your night sky tears and burning eyes, stinging from pursuit;
take your regret and sallow timber and throw it to the ocean, where misery can seek it out; you know, misery loves a lonely stranger.

And you've been waiting with open arms for so long. Take your breath and roll it out it's high time for your chest to resonate something more tangible. The angles are cutting in, they're destroying the cohesion - cutting ties and killing friends.

So long; so long that now it seems to be a farce. But it's painted on your face like the spread of an open book; time to throw it to the fire. Settle down beneath the ocean stare upwards raise your arms and say goodnight, tomorrow the sun dawns on settled scores and homeward bound you'll find your solace, solidarity and peace.

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