And here's a letter from Bill Macy of Gainesville, Florida
It appears to me that Gainsville Sun is withholding information from the public.

Recently, there was a four-column spread about a probable
murder from a gun.

Another item tells of a shooting death in Key Biscaine
A third item tells us of a soldier shooting his wife and children.

I can count on such reports in about every issue of the Sun.
We can be sure of many more incidents have occured of
people being PROTECTED from injury or death, because they
had a gun.

These reports can be easily obtained from the National Rifle Association.

I am sure they keep accurate records of such protection.
The failure to report these cases of protection is not fair.
I urge you to correct this.

I suggest a small box in every paper called Protected By

Simply insert the number of such protections.

On those rare days when none are noted, simply put a zero in the box.

Thanks, Bill.

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