Who wants to end all fighting except for in hockey
Who shops for a truck based on the holder for the coffee?
Who stands erect and insecure just like the CN tower?
Who's a superhero but not a superpower?

Canadaman! He eats donuts every day
Canadaman! and tries to keep out of the way
Canadaman! He appreciates input
And he says excuse me if you step on his foot

He can't fly or levitate can barely even jump
Can't see through women's clothing or bounce bullets off his rump
Looks horrible in tights, his Muscle are like lard
But who could save a life with his organ donor's card?

Canadaman! He loves Canadian culture
Canadaman! But what it is he isn't sure
Canadaman! Enjoys the social safety net
But who takes a job in the states the first chance he gets

Canadaman! He knows how to make poutine
Canadaman! And his hero is Lorn Greene
Canadaman! Wears a toque upon his head
He makes it look so easy or should we say e-zed!


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