I traveled south for a holiday
Drak some wine and mojitos
Played upon the white sand
And made myself an amigo

I ate some shrimp and papya
Thought the barbeque was grand
But unbeknowest to me I at
a little Cuban friend

My little Cuban friend
Lives inside my digestive tract
My little Cuban friend
I wish that he'd go back

I traveled home on the plane
thought my trip was at an end
But at the immigration booth I forgot
My little Cuban friend

In my country and my bowels
He's and illegal alien
He's giving me intestinal cramps
My little Cuban friend


I went to see my doctor
To see shet she would recommend
She gave me a perscription to kill
My little Cuban friend

I read the list they gave me
Of potential side effects
Scary, but worth elimimating
My little Cuban friend


But now my head it feels like breaking
I'm projectile vomiting
It sprays around the room but at least
I'm getting better at darts

My hemorrhoids they itch so much
I'd like to sit upon a fence
I'm longing fo the old days
With my little Cuban friend

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