(alternate person #1 and 2)
1:This week!
2:This week only!
1:No money down!
2:No payments 'till Spring!
1:No payments in Spring!
2:No payments in Summer!
1:No payment ever!
1:This week!
2:This week only!
1:We pay the GST!
2:We pay the PST!
1:We pay for delivery!
2:We pay for everything!
1:How do we do it?
2:How do we offer these fabulous deals?
1:We got the most!
2:The best!
1:The worst!
2:We've got it all!
1:We've got everything!
2:Except one thing...
1:What's that?
2:We've got no store!
1:No products!
2:So come on down!
1:This week!
2:This week only!
1:No parking problems!
2:No parking payments!
1:No parking lot!
2:You don't have to park!
1:You don't even have to come!
2:So don't come down!
1:Stay away!
2:Stay at home!
1:This week!
2:Every week!
1:Every year!
2:No money down!
1:No payment ever!
Both:That's nothing for nothing!

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