There's a tune inside my head
that makes me wish that I were dead
It keeps on going on and on
and I don't even like this song
I don't know where I heard it first
but now it has become my curse
Wish that it would go away
but it is stuck on replay

Go away
Go away
Your melody
Is killing me

There it is once again
swimming through my cranium
Suffocating all my thoughts
an auditory candy floss
This musical inanity
driving me to insanity
If I only had one wish
I'd kill the person who wrote it

Go away
Go away
You're a bad song
So move along

It's louder than it was before
I don't think I can take much more
So I jump and scream and shout
hoping I can drown it out
But instead I trip and fall
and bash my head upon a wall
Wait a second where'd it go?
What's that on the radio?

No! NO!!

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