Oh what is the multi-liquor
What gets you drunker quicker
What comes in bottles or in cans? (Beer!)
Can't get enough of it (Beer!)
How I really love it (Beer!)
Makes me think I'm a man
(Beer!) I could kiss and hug it (Beer!)
But I'd rather chug it (Beer!)
Fill my belly up to here (Beer!)

I could not refuse it (Beer!)
I could really use it (Beer!... Beer!...Beer!...)

I can't remember how much I have had
I drank a twelve-pack with my dad

That's my son the drunk and manly stud
I'm proud to be his bud

"Here have some pretzels"
"No, I'll call it quits. Those things give me the schlitz."

Drink with your family, drink it with your friends
Drink till you're fat, stomach distends

Beer is liquid bread it's good for you
We like to drink til we spew - ew!

Who cares if we get fat - I'll drink to that!
As we sing once more -

Golly I adore it
Come on dammit pour it
Do it for me brew it for me
Feed it to me speed it to me
The most wonderful drink in the world - Hooray!!

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